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So, The Ladyfriend started a meme a while back. It looks like it's gone the way of the dodo, temporarily at least, but I figger that a simple music thing might be just the sort of thing to get me back into this writing malarkey, so here goes! It follows after the jump:Klik hier 4 memez!Collapse )
Current Music: Alkaline Trio - Time To Waste
I will get back into LiveJournal.
I will get back into LiveJournal.
I will get back into LiveJournal.

Also, that Sky Broadband advert is obscuring half my screen and making it difficult to write. It's obnoxious. Someone make it fuck off?

This essay has beaten me. It's made me realise how poor my German is, as well as the lack of quality in my English skills. 1200 words has bested me; a paltry 1200 words. If I can't write an essay on a book that's in English - no way am I competent enough to read one auf Deutsch - then I won't be able to survive next year in Germany. That's practically three months away now. I can't manage this one piece of work, so what's the point?

I'm procrastinating. You can see this. I'm writing a LiveJournal entry for Christ's sake - when do I ever do that nowadays? I think I procrastinate more when I can't do something. I realise this isn't logical, but I'm pretty illogical at the best of times so fuck it.

I don't know if you can feel apathetic and down at the same time, as the feeling-down-ness would indicate that you care, which is clearly the opposite of apathy, but if you can, then I do. I hate The Piano Teacher. I'm not a big fan of myself either.

One day. Three hundred words. Fucking. Fail.
11 April 2010 @ 06:12 pm
LiveJournal tells me it's been 17,396.81 days since I last posted an entry. While this might be slightly exaggerated, it has been a while, and for this I am sorry. Sorry to myself, as I feel really guilty about letting my writing die. The 30 day meme was a bit of a bust, as I apparently dropped out about a third of the way through. I'll get back to it eventually, maybe.

Right now, Sarah is at work. I am revising. I am somewhat sick of revising, even though I've only really been doing it for two days. Yesterday was German obesity levels, and today is the German government. The government is actually quite interesting; I'm just truly awful when it comes to revision. I'd honestly rather watch and make notes about paint drying than sit and revise, that's how much I am loathe to do it. The exam's on Tuesday. Fun.

I promised I'd write an entry a while ago, but I broke this promise through sheer sloth and amnesia. So today, I right that wrong.

Quite a lot has happened since my last post. I'm twenty-one years old now, with a DSi, some lovely cologne and a supercool cardigan to show for it. Sarah turned twenty, too, for which we went to see Frightened Rabbit, which naturally was comprised entirely of win. Airship supportyed, and they were surprisingly awesome! Harry also had a birthday, he turned 9. Sarah came to Newcastle with me to celebrate, and we jumped about in ball pits and flew down plastic slides, just like any respectable adult would! We also went for a lovely walk along the beach at nighttime, and had a trek around the city one day. I bought The Collected Works of T. S. Spivet from Oxfam; I just wish I had time to read it! Sarah spent laaaahdsamoney, it was a really fun day! Also browsed Vivienne Westwood - unfortunately, the tie I wanted was in the region of £50... A bit more than my budget allowed, really.

What else? Sarah and I went to see The Lovely Bones and Alice in Wonderland at the cinema, both of which I'd recommend. Watch out for casual racism in the former ("She no wan' keess heem?") and typical Burtonesque oddity in the latter.

Sarah and I have been together for more than ten months now. She's officially a mentaler. A proper mentaler.

We'll hopefully be attending the Latitude festival this year, as well as visiting both Venice and Prague. Best Summer Ever?

I'll finish this entry now, as I should be getting back to my revision. :( But I still have more to write, and I won't force you to wait so long for the next one, honest!
Sorry about the drought!

Day 11 - A photo of me taken recently

A photo of myself that I actually like? No way!

(Not sure how I've managed to make this blurry... it wasn't before! I am foolish).
New Year was actually the best night I've had in ages; I'll write about it soon enough.

Day 10 - A photo of me taken over ten years ago

Unfortunately, my scanner has broken so that scuppered any chances of me scanning in some old photographs whilst I was home, but luckily someone posted one of me on Facebook a little while ago. It's really crappy, and I'm tiny in it, buuut... it's the only one I have the fits the criteria, so feast yer eyes on this beaut:

Bigger here

St. Andrew's C of E Primary School's Sports Day. Win?
Chester in three days!

Day 09 - A photo I took

There were actually a few that I considered putting for this, including one of Sarah in front of a triceratops skull, but I felt that I managed to kill that one with flash, and this one was taken ages ago, so I've chosen:

This would be Cullercoats, my home-away-from-Caer. I'd just finished a four hour walk when I took this. A four hour walk that should have taken 25 minutes at most. It took slightly longer due to the fact that I was carrying a near-paralytic Ali home, Ali who is a good foot taller than me. He kept doing really sensible things such as lying down in the middle of the road to have a sleep. I actually have a few photos of him on the floor and in hedges too, but... that would be mean.

I'd dropped Al off at his, and was just getting home when I saw the sun rise over St. George's Church. I thought it would make a great photograph, but unfortunately only had my crappy camera phone on me at the time. However, I'm still pretty pleased with the thing!
Christmas has come and gone once again, and it was surprisingly okay! Mostly due to Beatles Rock Band but y'know. Win.

Day 08 - A photo that makes me sad

Now, I don't want to seem like I'm just doing something either very lame or very similar to Sarah's post for this, but it's the way it has to be so there.

So. This picture is my choice. This was taken in Ecuador, near some Inca ruins. This obviously conjures up a few memories, but they're rather soured with disappointment. This stems from the fact that, although I had been saving for two years to pay for it, and although I was meant to be there for a month, I ended up flying back on day ten, three days after I was injured. As you can see in this photo, my right leg is massive; it's in a full cast. I'm also leaning on my left side, and using a walking stick. Thanks, stupid knee.

Also a point of sadness is that I'm no longer anywhere near as close to these (mostly) amazing people. From left to right is Maxwell, Sara, Ali, John, Rebekah, Lou and Chris. Maxwell I see when I can, though due to uni being so far away this amounts to a number of times a year, but that's much less than I'd like. The same applies to Chris, who I would call my best friend until very recently - I don't think I can any more due to the fact I hardly ever see him or even speak to him lately. Rebekah went all weird and Christian and doesn't speak to any of us really any more, and I think I've seen her twice in as many years. John... well John's a bit of a dick. Long story. Lou is amazing, though I never get the chance to see her, and this goes for Sara too. Ali was a really good friend at the time this was taken, but people drift apart. Wow, that was ranty.

I guess I just get a bit bummed out with the way things change so much. Don't get me wrong, what I have now is amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world. It's just... just a couple years ago I had so many really close friends, so many people I could happily spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun with, and since everyone headed off to uni things have quite drastically changed. I hardly get to see any of my old friends nowadays. I don't have many friends in Chester. The ones I do are really good friends, sure, but there's something good about having a big group of good friends. I let so many friendships dwindle after leaving Chinnor, and I was determined not to let that happen again but it kind of looks like I have. Such is life.

Also, I look like a massive mong. This saddens me.

Stupid meme.
Today, I will be mostly missing Sarah

Day 07 - A photo that makes me happy

I think it's pretty obvious why this photograph makes me happy. It was taken at The Living Room, a gorgeous restaurant in Chester where Sarah and I went for a meal fairly early in our relationship. This particular photo was taken when we returned there for our sixth monthiversary (that's a Buckley-Rokins original) and had an amazing night. It features me, not looking too awful might I add, and my lovely lovely girlfriend. Sarah makes me so happy, and this picture serves as a reminder to that.

Yeah, I'm well gay me.
I thought I'd do two entries today, in a vain effort to make up for my immense laziness in posting recently.

Day 06 - Whatever tickles my fancy

Okay, so this is stupid, but still...